Masinalupe Confirmed as Member of Parliament for Lefaga and Faleaseela


Masinalupe Makesi Masinalupe is now the confirmed Member of Parliament for Lefaga and Felaseela following the withdrawal of a petition filed by HRPP candidate Sua Tanielu Sua.

Outside Court Masinalupe Makesi, grateful for the decision by Su’a to withdraw his election petition, gave thanks and praise to God.

“Thank you to my brother Su’a for the decision to settle matters, giving me the opportunity to serve our district for this parliamentary term”.

He also said that in the future, there may be a time that Su’a would want to run, and he may be able to offer support.

Masinalupe thanked his District of Lefaga and Faleaseela; vouching to do all he can to serve the needs of his constituents over the next five years.

“Thank you also to our Prime Minister Elect Hon Fiame Naomi, and to the Chair of our FAST party Laaulialemalietoa, my family and all who have supported my journey.

Masinalupe had secured 910 votes to Su’as 713 in a race where he was the only FAST candidate up against four HRPP candidates.

Masinalupe Makesi hails from the least populated village of Lefaga and Faleaseela, the orator village of Safaatoa.