Marist Rugby Club Samoa Hosts Family Day to Celebrate End of 15s Season and Build Team Culture


The Marist Rugby Club Samoa held a family fun BBQ day at St Joseph’s College grounds last Saturday to celebrate the end of their successful participation in the Taula Apia Union Super IV Competition.

Samoa is the Home of Taula.

The 15s season ended on a high with the Under 20’s in the final, the Senior Men’s in the Semi-Final and the exciting launch of the club’s Women’s team.

Marist Rugby Club Samoa Women’s Team.

The Women’s Team played a friendly Rugby 10-a-side match against the Striders Rugby Club on Saturday morning, while the Men’s 7s team played friendly matches with Apia Maroons and Laumua Tumua Afega.

The Marist Rugby Club have recently formed as an Incorporated Society, becoming independent from the Marist St Joseph’s Sports Club.

Marist Rugby Club Samoa Treasurer Joseph Lemana receives a prize for the Taula Apia Union Super IV Competition.

Marist Rugby Samoa President, Tapunuuomanù Roger Warren, said the sad closure of the Sports Club’s facilities at Lotopa meant that the rugby team needed to look for alternative fields for the players to continue the season.

Family fun day at Marist Rugby Club Samoa, Sat 6 April 2024.

“We are very grateful that the Marist Brothers (Felela) welcomed us to the St Joseph’s College fields, and made us feel at home here,” said Tapunuuomanù.

“Our affiliation to the Marist Brothers Old Pupil’s Association (MBOPA) and the Marist Brother Order in Samoa is a partnership that makes sense, and provides a great support system for us as a Club..

“Marist Rugby have access to facilities we need to continue playing the sport we love, and at the same time, we’re able to play a key role in extending the performance pathway for students from St Joseph’s College, as well as youth including girls from nearby villages.”

Marist Rugby Club Women’s Team pictured with Striders after their Rugby 10s friendly on Saturday 8 April 2024.

Tapunuuomanù Roger Warren says the decision to establish an independent club focused on rugby was driven by the need to ensure the right support was provided for young up-and-coming rugby players.

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“There is a lot of potential amongst our local players to represent Samoa, and we needed a Club that was solely focused on Rugby in order to prioritise our limited resources,” he added.

The Marist Rugby Club Samoa has over 50 registered players making up the Men’s 15s, Boys Under 20s, Men’s 7s and Women’s 7s.

The Club Membership includes long serving former players and coaches living in Samoa and abroad. The Club has had a lot of support with close to 100 registered members not including players.

The Marist Rugby Club will be joining the celebrations of Marist Schools 100 years in Samoa.

Club President Tapunuuomanù Roger Warren is a former Manu Samoa player well known for his prolific kicking game. He doubles as the Club’s Head Coach, supported by Vice President Asuao Pupi Asuao, Treasurer Joseph Lemana and Club Secretary, Alo Johannes Uili.

The Team Manager is Toleafoa Chris Brown, an IT Specialist and founder of BrownSystech.

Club Executive Council Member Faagutu Leilani Atoa said they want to establish a culture where families are engaged and spouses are involved in all club activities.

“That’s the Aiga Malisi spirit that we want to continue here, and set a family culture where the young men and women of the Club feel safe and well supported to play rugby.”

Men and women who want to join Marist Rugby Club Samoa need only to go along to St Joseph’s College fields at 5pm in the afternoon, where trainings are held daily from Monday to Friday. Or contact them on their Facebook and social media pages.

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Henry Tagiilima