Marist Brothers Old Pupils Association Launch Vodafone Mega Raffle


The Marist Brothers Old Pupils Association (MBOPA) continue to fundraise each year to support the development of St Joseph’s College and Marist schools in Samoa, and this time, they’ve gone to a whole other level with the launch of the Vodafone Marist Independence Mega Raffle.

Members of the MBOPA at the launch, Fri 24 June 2022. Photo: MBOPA.

A special event was held last Friday evening at the MBOPA lounge at Alafua, situated above the school hall.

It was well attended by the school’s former pupils who diligently take time out of their schedules to raise funds as alumni of the school.

The main prize of the raffle is a 2023 model Ford NextGen Raptor, and tickets are $1 tala per entry which can be purchased through the Vodafone Samoa app or by dialing 888# for Vodafone users.

Marist St Joseph’s Old Pupils and its global family of supporters can all purchase a ticket or multiple tickets online, for the Mega Raffle, where the major prize will be drawn on the 11th of January 2023.

Vodafone’s Chief Marketing Officer, Rana Bose gave a snapshot of the prizes.

“One winner will win $10k cash while another winner will win $5k cash and 5 winners will get $500 Vodafone top-ups,” announced the Vodafone Marketing Chief.

Additionally, Vodafone will be giving away fortnightly prizes throughout the raffle sale period including high end phone sets, said Mr Bose.

Although the Ford NextGen Raptor and the major cash prizes will be drawn in January, there will also be a draw on Christmas day with various other prizes and surprises.

Mr Bose also announced that there will be a special prize awarded in the first week of July for two return tickets Apia to Los Angeles sponsored by Fiji Airways.

Members and supporters of MBOPA. Photo: MBOPA

Speaking at the event to acknowledge sponsors and give the vote of thanks, President of MBOPA Tuatagaloa Aumua Ming Leung Wai reflected back to 98 years ago, when a group of Marist former students, led by Taisi Olaf Nelson, formed the Marist Old Boys Union. Taisi Olaf Nelson, is the grandfather of former Head of State, Taisi Tupua Tamasese Efi, who was in attendance at the launch.

Tuatagaloa said the association was later renamed Marist Old Boys Association and in 2011, with the introduction of girls to the school, the word boys was replaced by pupils. 

The President read out the strategic goals of the association as written in its Constitution..

“To practice, promote and encourage the Marist Spirit..

“To create and foster a spirit of union and cooperation amongst its members..

“To safeguard Christian values and the interests of the association..

“And finally, to raise funds for Marist Brothers schools in Samoa…

Tuatagaloa Aumua Ming said the school continuously needs support to fund teachers’ salaries, maintain facilities and ensure quality resources are available for students.

Members and supporters of MBOPA. Photo: MBOPA

“Whilst we are grateful for the Government grant, our Marist schools continue to struggle financially because of the relatively low school fees that we charge,” said the President.

Aumua said they meet every Wednesday evening, in the Taula lounge, to discuss innovative ways to fundraise and help the Marist schools.

The President added that even the school hall, which had been built by the Marist Brothers Old Boys in the early 1990s, was now in need of repair.

Marist Brothers Old Pupils Association members at the launch. Photo: MBOPA.

Tuatagaloa reminisced how the manual labour of filling the hall’s foundation was carried out by himself and other students of St Joseph’s College at the time.

“Our members are from all walks of life,” said the President. “We have here farmers, builders, US army veterans, CEO, accountants, doctors, politicians,, bishops, even professional boxing referees.. so you can imagine the ideas and range of topics that are discussed in this lounge every Wednesday night..”

For more information on the Vodafone Marist Independence Mega Raffle, visit the Vodafone Samoa website or the MBOPA website.