Petrol Up by .22 sene per litre for March 2023


01 March 2023, Apia Samoa. We should have all filled up on the last day of February because petrol went up today by 22 sene per litre.

It’s the first day of the month when revised fuel prices for Samoa are issued and applied; and this month sees a marked increase in petrol and a moderate increase in diesel and kerosene for March 2023.

In its monthly media release, the Associate Minister of Finance, Hon Leota Laki Lamositele states petrol and diesel will both increase by 22.2 sene and 3.6 sene respectively.

The sharp increases takes petrol prices to $3.26 from $3.03 and diesel to $3.56 from $3.52.

Kerosene also jumps by a whopping 9.2 sene from 3.11 to 3.20 sene per litre.

The Minister of Finance stated “the international crude and product market continues to be influenced by external political and supply factors”

There was a significant drop in prices seen in December 2022, however, petrol prices increased sharply again in January.

“Diesel and Kerosene prices have remained relatively stable. A significant reduction in freight rates and a strengthening of the Tala vis the US$ had a favorable impact on landed costs,” said the Minister.

The Ministry of Finance does offer the comparison of fuel prices to Australia and New Zealand as well as Fiji:

However, in Samoa, the relative cost of fuel at over $3 per litre is the same as minimum wave in Samoa, which is $3 tala per hour.

Petrol prices in New Zealand, therefore, at $4 tala per litre cannot be compared to Samoa when minimum wage in Aotearoa is $22.70 per hour.