Manu Samoa 7s Head Coach Bestowed Fata Title in Afega


The Manu Samoa 7s Head Coach, Muliagatele Brian Lima, will take up his family’s Fata title from the village of Afega today.

The prestigious high talking chief title of the district was held by Brian Lima’s great grandfather, Fata Pala, and Brian’s father, Tuliaupupu Fata Pala Lima.

The World Rugby Hall of Famer will now himself take on the title, together with his brother Naiana, his son BJ (Brian Jnr) and four of his nephews Faitala Lima, James Schmidt, Fale Leota, and Junior Leilua.

Seven descendants of Fata Pala have taken up the title to serve their family and village of Afega. Fata Fale Leota, Fata BJ Lima, Fata Muliagatele Brian Lima, Fata James Schmidt, Fata Faitala Lima, Fata Naiana Lima and Fata Junior Leilua.

The matai bestowal ceremony is being held in two parts. The blessing of the titles was held as a separate ceremony on Friday evening.

Four church ministers of Afega all participated to conduct a prayer service to bless the new title holders in an intimate ceremony.

Faifeau of Afega village blessing new Fata titles holders to be received Saturday morning by the village.

The prayer service was attended by the new title holders as well as family, friends  and villagers. Some family members have travelled from overseas to receive titles.

The village council blessing is expected to take place early Saturday morning.

The family will be bestowing 80 titles including Fata, Matua and Leatuafi.

Seated: Afega Village Pulenuu Fata Loketi, with Fata Brian Lima’s older sister, le faletua iā Tupea Heather Laaulialemalietoa Schmidt.

Two members of the family will be bestowed the high chief alii title of Tipoa’e.

The Manu Samoa 7s Head Coach says it is an honor for him to take up the title that was once held by his late great-grandfather.

“It is an honor and a privilege for me to take up this calling to serve my grandmother Fatiga’s village of birth,” said Fata Muliagatele Brian Lima.

“We give God the glory and rely on his guidance to help us.”

“E faafoi lava le viiga i Le Atua ma e faalagolago pea i le fesoasoani mai o Le Alii i se matou vaivai e tautua ai si o matou aiga nei, ae maise le nuu.”

The matai bestowals in Afega is underway as this goes to publish.