Manu Samoa 7s are on to the Semi Finals at the Pacific Games


The Manu Samoa 7s team has powered its way into the Cup semi-finals at the Pacific Games, setting the stage for a shot at the gold medal. Their journey has been nothing short of remarkable, showcasing exceptional teamwork.

The campaign began with a decisive victory over Tuvalu, where the Manu Samoa 7s demonstrated their cardiovascular fitness with a 26-14 win. The team’s strategic plays and precision on the field set the tone for what would come in the tournament.

However, the road to the semi-finals took a dramatic turn in the match against Vanuatu. Samoa faced adversity early on with two yellow cards, finding themselves down 15-7 in favor of Vanuatu at the end of the first half. Undeterred, the Manu Samoa 7s rallied together in the second half, staging a remarkable comeback that culminated in a triumphant 29-15 victory. The team’s ability to overcome adversity showcased not only their skill but also their “Never give up” attitude.

In the quarter-finals against the Cook Islands, the Manu Samoa 7s left no room for doubt, dominating the match with a commanding 36-0 win. Their exceptional performance secured their spot in the semi-finals, marking a significant step closer to Gold.

Adding to the team’s success is the return of Uaina Sione, who has made a stellar comeback from a knee injury. This tournament marks Sione’s first appearance back in the Manu Samoa 7s lineup, and his presence has undoubtedly added a boost of experience and skill to the team.

Uaina Sione

Samoa play cup semi finals against Tonga while Fiji face PNG.

The Manu Samoa 7s team are determined to clinch the gold medal. Their journey, marked by triumph over Tuvalu, a comeback against Vanuatu, and a dominant performance against the Cook Islands, has captivated fans and solidifies their status as true contenders in the Pacific Games.

The stage is set for an epic battle, and the Manu Samoa 7s is ready to leave it all on the field in pursuit of the Gold.

Brisin Manu Retzlaff-Lima