Man who Faked his own Death on Facebook Appears for Deception Charges



A faafafine, Viliamu ‘Vivian’ Tuigamala who had faked his own death on Facebook in 2019, appeared unrepresented in the Supreme Court of Samoa on Monday morning, charged with obtaining by deception.

Prosecutor Fuifui Ioane presented a holding charge alleging Tuigamala had received $2,000 tala by deception, through bank cheques belonging to a woman from Nuu. Prosecution then requested a weeks adjournment to finalise further charges against the accused.

Photo from public Facebook post of Viliamu ‘Vivian’ Tuigamala in 2019 suggesting he had passed away.

In October 2019 a “rest in peace” post had circulated on Facebook showing Vivian covered in white towels, lying with his eyes closed, supposedly dead.

Outrage followed with claims Vivian Tuigamala had faked his own death to get away from paying back several people he owed money to.

Justice Fepuleai Ameperosa Roma granted the adjournment; with the matter to be recalled in a week’s time with further charges according to Prosecution.

Marieta H Ilalio