Man Jailed for Indecently Assaulting Female Student on Bus


A man from Vailele and Satitoa, Aleipata has been handed a jail sentence for indecently assaulting a female student sitting who was sitting on his lap on a bus.

Police reports state the female student was indecently assaulted by Fesi Amiga on 1st March 2023 while she was on the way to school on a crowded bus.

It is a normal practice in Samoa for younger passengers to give up their seats for their elders and sit on another’s lap as buses start to fill up.

In handing down the sentence Justice Niava Mata Tuatagaloa said the defendant had taken advantage of the situation and acted in a way that was uncultured and ill-mannered in a public place.

“You used this opportunity to touch her in a bus full of passengers indecently..You did not even care.”

“You need to take responsibility for your actions and face the consequences of such behavior.”

The police summary of facts also stated that 11 days after Mr Amiga was arrested and charged, a marijuana joint was found on his person. Amiga told police he had bought the joint infront of the popular Sula Bakery and Supermarket at Moataa.

Justice Tuatagaloa said the defendant had clearly shown his disregard for the Law.

“Just 11 days after being charged with indecent assault, you are  found in possession of narcotics”.

The defendant was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment, after which he was also directed to do six months supervision and 40 hours of community service for the drug charge.

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