Man Denies Stealing $90,000 Worth of Butter


02 September 2020, Mulinuu Apia. Translated from Samoan version. A 21 year old former employee of Ah Liki Wholesale vehemently denied charges of theft as a servant brought against him by police for allegedly stealing over $90,000 talas worth of butter.

Tavale Touli appeared during criminal mentions and pleaded not guilty to four charges of stealing boxes of Anchor butter from his former employer.

Touli refused legal counsel and told the Court that he intended to represent himself in the matter against him.

The Court then listed the charges with the first being boxes of butter to the value of $18,000, the second being $8,911, the third charge alleged a total of $35,120 and the final charge of $28,160 in value.

Each box was listed as being $189 tala, and it is alleged that the offending took place between 01st December 2018 and 30th January 2019.

The Court has set Touli’s hearing date for the 26th of April 2020.

Marieta H Ilalio