Man Charged with Fish Market Machete Incident Granted Bail


17 July 2020, Supreme Court of Samoa, Mulinuu. Court has granted the bail application of the man charged in relation to the Independence weekend machete attack at the Fugalei fish market.

former prop for Toa Samoa, Tagaloa Maugaloto Palu, 38, was involved in a widely publicised incident involving a machete on the 30th May 2020 that led to serious injuries of two men who are brothers.

In delivering his sentence in open Court this week, Justice Leiataulesa Daryl Clarke ordered the details of his decision not be released but did highlight that the risks were not significant enough for the defendant to remain in custody.

“In the end I’m not satisfied that there is just cause for the continued detention of the accused. The accused himself, after the incident, reported the matter to police..”

Tagaloa has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder, 2 charges of grevious bodily harm and a charge of being armed with a dangerous weapon.

Maina Vai