Man Charged with Fish Market Machete Incident Applies for Bail



17 July 2020, Supreme Court of Samoa, Mulinuu, Justice Leiataualesa Daryl Clarke will deliver his decision next week for the bail application of the man who has been charged in relation to the Independence weekend machete attack at the Fugalei fish market.

A former prop for Toa Samoa, Tagaloa Maugaloto Palu, 38, applied for bail through his defense counsel Aeau Tima Leavai.

Bystanders took videos of the incident and shared them widely on social media platforms, showing the horrific injuries sustained by two victims, who are brothers.

Fuifui Ioane of prosecution opposed bail telling the Court that the defendant had chased down the victims in a very public place and had no regard for public safety.

“The fact that the defendant had confidently run around with a machete at the fish market, where he actually assaulted them”.

The affidavits referred to confirmed that Tagaloa had been to the fish market earlier and had an argument with the elder of the two brothers. He then left and returned with a machete.

One of the injured men, Molegi is seen here butonning his shirt after the first scuffle with the attacker.

The Court also heard the affidavit of the victims’ mother who says there has been no traditional ifoga or practice of seeking forgiveness.

The affidavit of the younger of the two brothers, also alledges that they were threatened by a relative of the accused, saying, “Feoloolo le kipikipiga o oulua e Maugaloto i lo’u kipikipiga o oulua”

Defence counsel argued that the defendant’s release will not pose any risks to public safety as her client did not initiate the assault, and had acted on that day, to defend himself from harm.

Defense counsel also clarified that the defendant’s family did approach the victims’ family homen at Afega to offer peace, but were told that they had been banished by the village.

Maina Vai