Man Charged with Causing Injury when Firearm Accidentally Discharges


A man was charged by police in the weekend for causing injury to a woman when a firearm he had been cleaning accidentally discharged.

The bullet brushed off the jaw of an unsuspecting woman who was making her family saka in the next fale.

Deputy Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo said the woman was cooking in her outer kitchen fale when she was accidentally hit by a bullet from a 22 rifle being cleaned by a man, in the next house.

According to Auapaau the victim was treated at Motootua National Hospital and discharged the next day.

“The victim’s jaw was hit by the bullet and luckily the injuries were treated and she was discharged the next day..

“Preliminary investigations have found he was trying to “zero” his firearm when it accidentally discharged injuring the victim”, said Auapaau.

The Deputy Commissioner said the incident happened at Vailoa, Faleata and the man has been charged with one count of “causing injury” and will appear in Court later this month.

The Deputy Police Commissioner reminded the public especially gun owners of the dangerous if they do not comply with safety protocols and conditions on handling firearms.

“Gun owners need to understand how to apply all the safety precautions set out under the Arms Ordinance and follow those for the safety of the public..

“Police can and will revoke any firearm license if it is considered unsafe or the owner doesn’t comply with the safety conditions provided to them for the safety of everyone,” Auapa’au said.

Marieta H Ilalio