LTA Road Safety Watch: Some Fords Declared Unsafe to Cross, “Please Drive with Caution”


Saturday 7 Jan 2023. Some Fords have been declared unsafe to cross by a team of the Samoa Land Transport Authority who are scanning the roads for safety as heavy rain, flooding and high wind warnings continue over Samoa.

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Whereas most crossings in Savaii and Upolu remain ok to cross for now, LTA declared the Safotu crossing unsafe for smaller vehicles, on Saturday afternoon.

“Pooling on the road and Ford not safe to cross except for higher vehicles,” states a post by the Land Transport Authority.

Safotu declared unsafe. Sat 7 Jan 2023. All Images in this article: LTA.

“E le o saogalemu ona kolosi le auala simā seia vagana taavale Maualuga.”

“Lolovaia luga o le auala.. Ave ma le faautauta.”

Also in Savaii LTA declared the Sasina Ford, “Safe to cross by high vehicles ONLY”.

Sasina Ford not safe for smaller vehicles. Image: LTA.

“Mafai ona sopoia e taavale Maualuga.”

In Upolu LTA declared the Uafato Ford not safe for crossing for ALL vehicles due to the high water level and strong currents.

Left: Fagalii Ford accessible by high vehicles only. Right: Uafato Ford unsafe for crossing.

“Mo le saogalemū e le fautuaina ona kolosi i le isi itu, maualuga ma malosi le tafe o le vai.”

The third crossing warning issued by LTA earlier Saturday afternoon was for the Fagalii Ford. “Accessible by high vehicles ONLY.”

Fagalii – “E mafai ona sopoia e taavale Maualuga.”

Other crossings in Savaii such as the Manase and Lano fords were declared safe for motorists however drivers are cautioned that there is pooling beside the road.

Lano Ford: cross with caution.

“Please drive carefully,” warns LTA.

In Upolu, LTA have reported to have cleared trees that had fallen in Salani Falealili and Fagaloa.

Crossings at fords in Lefaga, Mulivai Safata, Falelatai, Saleia Falealili and Lepā were all declared OK to cross, with caution.

LTA team clearing fallen trees. Left: Salani Falealili. Right: Fagaloa.

The Cross Island Roads in Upolu as well as the drive towards the east coast via Luatuanuu have also been cleared by the LTA for safety, however, all drivers are asked to be careful and proceed with caution.

Bad weather has also disrupted ferry services between Upolu and Savaii and the Samoa Meteorological Services continue to issue heavy rain, flooding and high wind warnings.

“Heavy falls of rain with strong and gusty winds continue to impact the islands as the active convergence zone remains within the vicinity,” states the Samoa MeteorologicalServices.

“These severe weather conditions are expected to persist for today and thus increasing the risk and frequency of flooding and landslides in prone areas as prolonged rainfall has been occurring.”

The Samoa Met Office says strong winds may continue to generate high waves and swells over Samoa’s marine waters.

⚠️Potential Impacts:

Heavy downpours with poor visibility, foggy and slippery roads over mountain passes and ranges, pooling near roadsides and waterways. Flooding and landslides are possible. Expect strong and gusty winds at times. Strong currents and rough seas.

The next severe weather information will be issued by the Samoa Met Office at 5:00 pm Saturday 7 Jan 2023.

Daniel M Limā