LTA Reports Landslides and Flooding to Parts of Upolu


28 January 2022 Apia Samoa. While Samoa remains in lockdown for a few more hours, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) are reporting landslides and flooding across the country from heavy downpours over Samoa last night and early this morning.

There is a landslide at Fagaloa and a minor landslide between Solosolo and Luatuanuu.

L: Landslides between Solosolo and Luatuanuu. R: Landslide in Fagaloa. Images: LTA.

The crossing at Uafato is declared unsafe to cross by LTA.

Uafato crossing unsafe. Image: LTA.

The crossing over Liua le Vai o Sina river in Faleaseela near Lefaga is seen overflowing and LTA advises low vehicles not cross. Trucks and 4 wheel drives are advised to drive with caution.

Liua le Vai o Sina at Faleaseela, Lefaga. 28:01:2022 Image: LTA.

The Fagalii crossing is said to be passable for all vehicles, and drivers are again cautioned to drive carefully.

Fagalii ford crossing. Photo: LTA.

The Land Transport Authority have also assessed ford crossings in Savaii and report clear weather on the Big Island.

Seki a Savaii. 📷 LTA.