“Loto Salamo” by King Faipopo Hits Top of the Charts in Samoa

Loto Salamo by King Faipopo. Music and Video Production - Dr Rome Productions

15 July 2020 Apia Samoa. The man facing charges for an alleged conspiracy to assassinate the Samoa Prime Minister has released a song entitled Loto Salamo (Remorseful Heart), that has risen to the top of the charts, played by almost every radio station in Samoa.

Malele Paulo also known as King Faipopo told Autagavia Tipi Autagavaia of Radio Samoa that the song, recorded and produced by Dr. Rome Productions, was written for four important things in his life.

Photos by Dr Rome Production

The lyrics that have captured the hearts of many asks for forgiveness and the rebuilding of a relationship. King Faipopo says that it is about his relationship with God, his connection with Mother Earth, his relationship with his late mother who passed away last year, and finally it is for whomever is not in good terms or hates him.

Asked if the song was about what is happening now between him and the Prime Minister, Malele Paulo said it was not.

The words of the song runs deep into emotions as someone begs for forgiveness, with a promise to spend the days left of his life serving the one from whom he seeks forgiveness.

King Faipopo on YouTube from 8 years ago.

Malele said that those words are for Mother Earth as he knows the lands are about to be taken. King Faipopo does not offer any more clarification, however, it seems he is not stepping away from his original messages that went viral on facebook and social media, accusing the Prime Minister of many things, including claims that Samoa has lost customary lands.

The musician was subsequently sentenced to 7 weeks imprisonment in the District Court of Samoa for making false statements on social media that affects the reputation of a person.

In the current case before the Supreme Court, Malele Paulo and his alleged co-conspirator Lemai Faioso Sione await a decision by Justice Vui Clarence Nelson on their application to leave jurisdiction so he can visit his family in Australia.

Loto Salamo is not the first single released by King Faipopo. Going back as far as 11 years ago, you can find YouTube videos of Malele Paulo featuring in music videos.

King Faipopo 11 years ago with Lata Pele Ea

There are several more recordings and live performances by King Faipopo on YouTube dating back several years, and although the future is unknown for the Samoan musician turned activist, the latest music video release shows he is hanging on to the brighter side of his life, and has not given up on his talent.

King Faipopo”s popular song asking for forgiveness, not for Prime Minister. Photo: Dr Rome Production

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