Father, Rekindle Our First Love for You and Grant us the Spirit of Love, Power and Discipline

2 Timothy 1:7 Image: BibleVerses of Faith.

27 May, Everyday in His Presence with Charles F Stanley.  Scripture: “God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love an self-discipline – 2 Timothy 1:7”  With enough pressure and disappointments, the passion you have for God can wane. The apostle Paul understood that Timothy was in such danger. Persecution against believers was rampant and false teachers were infiltrating Timothy’s church, causing terrible division. Under such strain, anyone could have become tired, dispirited, cynical, and could even question if efforts to serve the Lord were in vain.

But Paul taught Timothy how to stay strong, and you can benefit from his counsel as well (2 Timothy 1:3-14). How? First, acknowledge you are experiencing difficulty. Second, do as you did when you were really on fire for God – study His Word, praise Him, exercise your gifts, and fellowship with believers who encourage you. Third, repent of any sins, admitting  that you need Him and want to live in a way that honors Him.

Like Timothy, stir up your passion for God and take hold of the Spirit of love, power and discipline He’s given you. He will not only restore your spiritual life, He’ll make you a shining light to a world that desperately needs Him.

The late Pastor Faafetai Fata of the Apia Harvest Centre Church in Apia had a favourite song. Rekindle Your First Love in My Heart.

Rekindle your first love in my heart. I never intended to depart.

From this trusting child I was, Simply knowing that because

You are my Father, I am your child, I am acceptable.

You never changed and you never will.

I open my hear to accept your will.

I love you, I trust you, my dear Father.

Rekindle your first love, in me.

Lord, I love You. Please restore and rekindle the joy of Your salvation and my passion for Your presence, Amen.


2 Timothy 1:7 Image: BibleVerses of Faith.