Looking Back at 2019 in the Spirit of Positivity



It’s a few more days until the New Year!
Normally, it is a time for me to look back at ALLLLLL I set out to achieve this year, and didn’t.

Like how I lost about 14 pounds over 6 weeks from April this year, then put it all back again after 4 weeks.

However this year, in the spirit of Positivity that is the Theme of our SSAB 11th birthday, I am going to look back at the GOOD things (big, little and in between) that I managed to do that made me happy this year.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1) I got transferred to 2 different Teams at work.
I got a feel of what it’s like to work in different departments – which means my respect has grown for the different people I work with.
You can’t fully appreciate what another Team does until you actually WORK WITH THEM aye?

2) I went to Apolima Tai for the first time.
It was a great reminder of how life can be so simple.
All you need is the sea, the land and a few ‘size twos’ running around.

3) I cooked more times this year than I had in the last 4 years.
I also learned how to use an electric oven and didn’t burn the house down.
I learned to make shepherd’s pie.
My future (and final) husband should be THANKFUL!!!

Shepherds pie 🙂

4) I went out less.
Read that again.
I said ‘I went out less’, not ‘I drank less’.
I still drank but I didn’t go out as much…until Ms. 9 went to NZ…
What ELSE is a single mother supposed to do??

5) I cut down on going for a drive.
You know when it gets sooo boring at home, you go for a little ‘kiekie’?
Unnecessarily spending petrol you could barely afford?
Yeah I really cut back on that this year.
My petrol management has been amazing.

6) I sorted out my clothes.
I’m a big time hoarder of clothes.
Even though I only wear black t-shirts and black tights and ie lavalavas, I hold on to all the other clothes….but only because EVERYTHING has sentimental value to me.
This is the tiger printed coat that I bought from Mama’s for $2 tala.
And this is the shirt my boyfriend wore when….nah just kidding.
In August this year, I went through 6 years’ worth of borrowed, lent and second hand clothes.
I filled up 8 big trash bags and gave them away.

7) I saved some money.
Not thoouusandsss of trolleys….
But still.
The fact that I was able to make it to my next pay day with SOMETHING that wasn’t a coin, in my purse was amazinggggggg. Lol.

8) I cut down on cinema movie nights and just watched movies online.
That was ‘aite.
Not the same experience as watching it on the big screen with pop corn and a hot dog, but hey….at least I could pick my nose and scratch my bum in the privacy of my own home eh?

9) I cleaned my house EVERY OTHER DAY.
I did my dishes EVERY DAY.
Well, sometimes I got my brother to do it.
But still, it was DONE.

10) On the topic of my brotherrrrr….. I got him a job.
Now he doesn’t need me.
25 Year Old down, 9 Year Old to go.
My parents would be proud.

11) I did my laundry every week without fail.
NOT because those were the only clothes I wore every week…but because that’s what adults do.
We clean things. And then dirty them.
And then clean them again.
A cycle we repeat until God calls us home.

12) In the spirit of obedience, I ran along the streets of Apia in an ietoga (in the scorching sun) in front of lots of faces, for the Pacific Games Torch Relay.
It was a strapless ietoga that showed off three quarters of my big kaamu thighs and my thick kalo arms.
I live to tell the story to my Grandbabies

13) I entered a Samoan dancing competition and won.
I can’t take credit for the actions and the la’ei Samoa…
But my body did the dancing.
So you know, even though I was forced to do it and even though I couldn’t sleep or eat properly during the lead up to it, I am still grateful I won. SOMETHING this year.

14) Out of love for my cousin, I danced in the Cathedral of Immaculate Mary for her wedding.

Might not be a big thing to someone else.
But for me, that was probably the most solemn and sacred thing I will ever do.
It was such a humbling feeling to dance in, leading the procession of our humble offering for the table of the Lord!
Even if I really really really didn’t want to in the first place.

Taulaga mo le Alii

15) I apologized THREE times to my boyfriend this year.
Or maybe TWO times.
The point is….I SAID the words “I’M SORRY, FORGIVE ME” Phewwwww…..
THAT was harder than Numbers 12, 13 and 14 put together.
I don’t know WHAT I did that for.
Amelia is never wrong.

16) I didn’t lose my child at the supermarket. Not once.

17) I didn’t FORGET to pick up my ONE child from school, not even once this year. Thaaank you Tina for always calling me 20 minutes after school to remind me.

18) I made some new friends….threw out some old ones…said goodbye to the fake ones…and realized my true ones.
And caught up with some that we go way waaaay back.

19) I started writing. And people actually read it. I write a lot when I am sad or want to vent etc…and I often write like how I would talk. Lots of capital letters and lots of “….”
It was nice to have someone critique my work (and tenses) and although I am no Lani Wendt, Pio Sioa or Sita Leota whose writing I lurrrrve….it is a start.
Hopefully next year, I can grow this hobby.

20) I kept my baby happy and healthy.
No hospital visits for any of us this year.
Thank you LORD for your good health and protection!

21) I watched Audrey Hepburn.
I don’t know why I didn’t do it earlier.
The first one I watched was My Fair Lady.
What can I say? I fell in love.

And there you have it.
Those are the things I DID do.

Some of them are little things.
But I have realized that sometimes we are so focused on the big goals and the big things that we forget to appreciate the little things we DO achieve or overcome every day 

I am grateful and happy for what I achieved this year, and I look forward to what next year brings!

What things did YOU do this year that made YOU happy??

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