Listen to God’s Voice and Act Upon what He Reveals to You


Mark 4:9


Happy Thursday Saints.

Many of us don’t have a problem hearing, and even though we are well able to hear, there are times when we aren’t actually LISTENING to what’s being said.

Some of us bring this inability to listen, to our relationship with God.

We don’t really pay attention to what He is trying to say to us. And yet, throughout this entire pandemic, God has been speaking to His people.

Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would guide us into all truth. He wants to lead us and guide us along the best paths for us to take.

However, the “STILL SMALL VOICE” of the Lord can be easy to miss, especially when we have no intention of actually listening to His instructions.

The same can be said of our attitude towards His written Word. If we don’t want to listen to His revealed will in the Bible, we won’t learn much at all.

Do you have EARS TO HEAR? The pandemic is causing many to draw near to God, but if you really want to hear Him, start with taking heed to His written Word and then, with your whole heart, ACT UPON what the Lord reveals to you.

The more you read, understand, and do, what the Bible says, the more clearly and accurately you will be able to discern the leading of the Holy Spirit. With a truly receptive heart and ears that are really willing to HEAR, you will have no problem HEARING GOD during this pandemic.

Have a great day. God bless and lots’a love,

Pastor Warren Retzlaff