Life Is Not Measured By How Much You Own


Happy Monday Saints.

Last week we looked at being content. A lot of our discontentedness is the result of comparing ourselves to others. It arises when we pay more attention to what others have than we do to what we have in front of us.

It’s really the result of having the WRONG FOCUS. Remember, Jesus said in Luke 12:15 that “LIFE IS NOT MEASURED BY HOW MUCH YOU OWN.” And being covetous, jealous and envious of others, often comes from comparing HOW MUCH we have to HOW MUCH others have.

Being discontent, covetous, jealous, and envious, only make us restless and unhappy. These are negative emotions that rob us of our joy, and yet, they are entirely avoidable. These are heavy emotional burdens that we CAN CONTROL. We don’t have to carry them or let them weigh us down.

When we MEASURE OUR LIVES BY HOW MUCH WE OWN, we will never have enough. This demanding measurement will never be satisfied, and it will only keep one’s heart feeling empty and unfulfilled.

When material things and money become our measurements, we seek to be validated by the things of this world. We quickly find ourselves needing the approval of others who are also using the same troublesome and relentless measurement.

When God becomes your source of acceptance and validation, you’ll experience true freedom. You’ll enjoy a life that is free from comparisons.


With God’s acceptance, you can enjoy a life that is free from being covetous, envious and jealous.

When we’ve got the right focus and our eyes are on the Lord, our hearts will be at peace.

Saints, enjoy your salvation, your relationship with the Lord, and your acceptance in Christ. You are FREE INDEED, so celebrate your freedom and enjoy your life.

Have a wonderful week. God bless and lots’a love,

Pastor Warren Retzlaff