Letter to the Editor: Is there any effort to revive our Samoa Airways?

Leader of Opposition Tuilaepa Dr Sailele Malielegaoi.

Letter to the Editor by Opposition Leader Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi.

Three major religious conferences were held in Samoa over the last week bringing many attendants from overseas which should generate some incomes for our hotels and related service like restaurants, transportation and shops.

What is more important to the religious leaders of Samoa is that these meetings provide an opportunity for the members to review the status of their church activities endorsed at previous meetings.

These endorsements have the purpose of growing the membership of the church and finding the latest view of how the faithful are living up to the teachings of the church.

The leaders also want to know the status of the financial position to begin new programmes.

They also need to make appointments to the top echelons of the church hierarchy.

Good leaders that follow good governance will not miss the judgement of those who will make the appointment.

But even church affairs political campaigning is not so subtle with congratulatory messages to the new Executive Committee follow the typical biblical oriented formality of “You are the special anointed of good revealed through the Holy Spirit.

For the political leaders of Samoa, regular church meetings provide the kind of insurance policy that Samoa will continue to be a peaceful country.

Where the people will live by the Lord’s greatest command to love is to become a real Heavenly paradise on Earth!

We have now also heard the news of a New Airline Service from China to Samoa direct on charters, starting next week.

It’s a great initiative for our tourism industry.

Its and old idea, but up to now the Chinese Airlines has been avoiding taking risks.

Given the number of staff at the Ministry of Health taking leave for non-payment of overtime, are the health workers at the airport sufficient to check the increased volume of visitors bringing new COVOD-19 variants from China.

What our country badly needs now is to fly Samoa Airways to bring down the high costs of air travel.

Is there any effort to revive our Samoa Airways?