Letter to the Editor: Government Petrol Station and Drivers Licenses

Tuilaepa during his weekly press conference.

The Leader of the Opposition, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi’s weekly Letter to the Editor is published below in verbatim.

The Rule of Law Samoan Style Today

Last week the Government held a brief ceremony to open a Gas and Petrol Station at Faleata for all Government Vehicles.

This is to ensure better control of fuel usages by all Government employees using Government supplied vehicles.

This Gas Station with a Restaurant was built by a private businessman four years ago but a license to operate it was rejected by the Fire Services.

As Prime Minister, I was approached for help.

The advice given to me by the Commissioner of Fire and Emergency Services Authority was that it was situated too close to the Faleata Fire and Services Centre and therefore dangerous.

And the Law was invoked to support the decision made.

Accordingly, the license was denied.

The risks remain, despite the takeover by Government of the Petrol Station.

A Private Sector initiative was again trodded upon.

The most important principle under the Rule of Law is that those who enact the Law must be the first to observe it.

Today, we have witnessed so many fatal traffic accidents on our roads.

Too many drivers drive without driver’s licenses and are drugged or drunk and vehicles are unsafe.

It is suggested to reconsider the return of the administration of traffic laws to the Police, where proper training is conducted before licenses are issued, etc, etc.

We all know that our people respect the Police. Traffic Officers under another Ministry are often ignored.

Changes for change sake are absolutely uncalled for in modern times, when the Rule of Law must be observed to ensure Transparency and Accountability.

For all our people that value long and enjoyable life in this paradise, drive carefully during the day and stay home at night time.