Letter to the Editor: Church and State – Annual Conferences Come to an End


LETTER TO THE EDITOR (published in verbatim)

Church and State

The Congregational Christian Church of Samoa has just ended its conference this week, and its members have gone back, refreshed with batteries fully recharged to continue their mission of saving more souls to expand God’s family in Paradise.

The Methodist Church has also held its annual conference several months before.

The Christian churches in Samoa numbering over thirty-five denominations provide spiritual sustenance for the Lord’s flock whilst the leaders of Samoa in Parliament work hard to provide food to sustain the physical health of the same flock.

We all know that a hungry person with an empty belly can hardly absorb the good news about eternal life after death without giving him something to eat.

Even the Lord Himself Jesus Christ, true God and true man was conscious of the weaknesses of the flesh, no wonder He also had to perform miracles to feed thousands of hungry mouths who followed without food to listen to His teachings.

To the leaders of Samoa in Parliament, it is always sweet music to hear a Church holding a Conference of its members in Samoa.

It is an occasion every year for our relatives to come back and visit their families, physically witness the real developments that have taken place, build up our foreign reserve balances, and provide assurances in helping to strengthen our spiritual and cultural values.

Samoa will continue to be exposed to many changes from outside, impacting our Religious beliefs and our way of life.

Both the State and Churches must work together to achieve our overall goal enshrined in our Constitution of our Independent State of Samoa that “Samoa is founded on God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit”.

It is a solid foundation of our State to be loudly proclaimed, and for us all, especially we the lawmakers, to live it.

This is the essence of the Rule of Law.

Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi
Leader of HRPP