Let the Holy Spirit of God Lead Your Path in 2023


Happy Friday Saints.

Yesterday, we saw that God is able to strengthen you with power THROUGH HIS SPIRIT.

It’s very easy when we are overwhelmed by various trials to forget the Holy Spirit.

His presence in our lives can be overshadowed by the enormity of the challenges that press up against us.

One of the reasons that people easily miss the Holy Spirit, is that they often look for Him to move the way THEY WANT to see Him move. They want Him to lead them in a direction that they are already heading in. But that’s not following the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is God. No matter what we are facing, we should always seek to find what HE IS DOING, and look for what GOD would like us to do in the midst of our trials. We should LET HIM LEAD.

Romans 8:27 tells us that the Holy Spirit “INTERCEDES FOR THE SAINTS ACCORDING TO THE WILL OF GOD.”

Whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to say or do, it will always be in line with the will of the Father and His Written Word.

So, if you ever feel forsaken by the Spirit of God – He hasn’t forsaken you. You may be heading in a different direction. Check to make sure that YOU are on the same page with Him.

Are you seeking His will, or seeking for Him to fulfil YOURS? Your answer will determine how closely YOU walk with Him.

If you are going to walk closely with the Lord in 2023, always remember that it’s not God who has to agree with us; we have to walk in agreement with Him and His Written Word. The question for all of us is, who is leading whom?

Let Him lead you “THROUGH THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH” so that you can “FEAR NO EVIL” and be steadfast in 2023.

Have a good day and a great weekend. God bless, and lots’a love,