Lesā Lani Alo Spends Time with Children at Campus of Hope


3 June 2023 Apia Samoa. Renowned Music Artist Lesā Metitilani ‘Lani’ Alo visited the Campus of Hope this week and spent time with the children.

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Lesā and his companion Livingstone Efu are in Samoa for the Motherland concert and took time from their busy schedule to visit the children at the Campus of Hope.

“It was good to spend time with the children and courageous survivors of abuse,” said Lesā.

The children joined in with singing and rapping and Lesā and Livingstone shared and connected with them as they sang and rapped to their favorite song, “Alo i au faiva.”

This soulful track, based on a traditional Sāmoan proverb, embodies the blessing bestowed by family and friends to uplift and strengthen individuals on their path to success and fulfillment in life.

For Lesā Lani Alo, this blessing holds a significant place in his heart as it has been passed down to him by his elders who have shaped and supported him. According to Lesā,

“It is truly a blessing for me to sing this song to the children, to inspire them to embark on their own journeys with determination.”

Reflecting on the experience, Lesā expressed his gratitude, “Today was a blessing to me and the team. Everyone lives busy lives, and we tend to forget those who are less fortunate.”

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“Today was a beautiful reminder that there’s more to life than what we think we’re living right now. We are grateful for the opportunity to come out and spend time with these incredible children. We look forward to returning with some friends and exploring ways to serve the Campus of Hope. If anything, we have walked away with our cups overfilled.”

Before leaving, Lesā and Livingstone expressed their sincere appreciation for the warm wishes from the children at the Campus of Hope for their upcoming Motherland Concert. The performers are excitedly preparing for this highly anticipated event.

“Thank you so much Lesā Lani Alo and Livingstone Efu for the sincerity of your visit, as it reminded the children of hope that they are dearly loved and valued, for the courageous journeys each of them are going through,” said SVSG President Siliniu Lina Chang.

“We hope the time spent with the children of hope also serves as an inspiration for you and the team as you prepared for the much anticipated Motherland Concert.”

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