Leota Aeau Tima Leavai Takes Falealupo Seat for HRPP


09 April 2021, Samoa General Elections.  Leota Aeau Tima Leavai has won the Falealupo seat with unofficial results of 455 to 349 over FAST party candidate, Fuiono Tenina Chrichton.

Leota A’eau Tima is the daughter of long serving Member of Parliament and former Speaker of the House, Aeau Peniamina Leavai. She continues her father’s legacy, taking the baton from A’eau Peniamina who retired this year, after 26 years as a Member of Samoa’s Legislative Assembly.

Principal of Leavai Law, Aeau Leota Tima is a Barrister, Solicitor and Accredited Mediator, often seen frequenting the halls of Samoa’s Supreme Court on civil matters, though she is also a well sought after criminal defense attorney.

A woman of many talents, the new Falealupo Member of Parliament for HRPP is a double International Pacific Games rep, with silver medals in both tennis and golf for Team Samoa.

Leota Aeau Tima is also a nationally acclaimed musician, and has helped many church choir groups with musical arrangements and concert preparations.

“It is also a blessing to be able to continue the work of my father.. observing his approach to politics over all these years has been an inspiration, and the best learning grounds I could have asked for”.

Aeau is married to Aumua Clark Peteru, SPREP Legal Adviser and they have 4 children and one grandson.