Leiataua Strongly Recommended by Panel to Lead Samoa Shipping Corporation for Further 3 Years


Cabinet has approved the reappointment of afioga Leiātaua Samuel Phineas as the Chief Executive Officer for the Samoa Shipping Corporation for the next three years.

Leiātaua was strongly recommended by the panel to continue for a further three years to lead SSC.

Captain Phineas was firstly appointed to this position in May 2020 following years of services as a seafarer.

His career also includes a stint as a National University of Samoa lecturer and had returned to the public service after a time as Operations Manager for the Office of Tokelau affairs.

Leiataua had also served as an A.C.E.O. at the Samoa Shipping Corporation and holds all the relevant qualifications and credentials to lead the Samoa Shipping Corporation to achieve its outcomes and provide safe and reliable ferry and marine shipping services.

Leiātaua resides with his wife and children at Fa’ato’iaalemanū and also hails from the village of Lepuia’i, Manono.