Legal Aid Granted for Accused of Double Homicide

Evidence of alcohol was also found at the site with the bodies of the 2 men in badly slayed conditions.

Lawyer Du'a Hellene Wallwork is the lawyer for Simanu'a Manuelu
SLS Vice President, Su'a Hellene Wallwork.

Legal aid has been granted for the accused in connection to the double homicide of a father and his son-in-law at Leulumoega earlier this month.

Chief Justice Patu Tiavasue Falefatu Sapolu presided over the matter while Leone Su’a Mailo led the prosecution.

Su’a Hellene Wallwork is the legal aid for the accused Simanu’a Manuelu.

She informed the court that she had just been given the confirmation of the legal aid last Friday.

“Your honour, if this matter can be further adjourned to next week so I can obtain instructions from my client,” said Su’a.

Chief Justice Tiavasue granted the application by defense counsel and ordered the prosecution to file and serve defense counsel with the charging documents before 4pm.

Manuelu is being charged with the alleged murder of a 69 year old male of Leulumoega and New Zealand and his 42 year old son in law.

According to police the bodies of two men were discovered in an open outdoor kitchen area at Leulumoega-uta.

“Evidence of alcohol was also found at the site with the bodies in badly slayed conditions.”‌

Manuel’s current charges are murder and armed with a dangerous weapon.

Simanu'a Manuelu
Simanu’a Manuelu