Le Us Commit Samoa’s Elections to our Heavenly Father in Prayer


As we go through this election week, let us commit our beloved nation of Samoa to our Heavenly Father in prayer 🙏

Loving Father God, creator of this world, source of our wisdom and understanding; watch over Samoa during this time of election. Help us to see how our faith informs our principles and actions.

We give thanks for the right to vote. Help us to hold this privilege and responsibility with the care and awareness it merits. Help us to realise that our vote matters and that it is an act of faith.

Guide us through this election as a nation and as a community; as we vote for people to do work on our behalf and on behalf of our communities. Help us to vote for people and ballot initiatives that will better our community and our world so it may reflect the values Jesus Christ has taught us.

Help us create communities that will build your Kingdom here on earth – communities that will protect the poor, stand up for the vulnerable, advocate for those who are not seen and heard, and listen to everyone’s voice.

We pray for all the people of Samoa who have become divided by political sides. May we come together for the common good and do as you have called us to do – to act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with you through creation.

Help us to act out of love, mercy and justice rather than out of arrogance or fear.

We pray for communities who are struggling with unrest, and fear. May we all work toward reconciliation with one another and with God.

Help us to listen in love, work together in peace, and collaborate with one another as we seek the betterment of our community and world.

Protect Samoa this week O Loving Father God.

We commit all candidates and their families to you O Lord. We commit all 48 constituencies and all villages within them to you O Lord.

We pray for the Office of the Electoral Commissioner, all of their staff and volunteers. We pray for Police guarding each booth.

We pray for Village Representatives and all Village Councils.

We pray for all voters, and we pray for the tapuaiga of our communities overseas.

We need you this week, O Lord. Hear our prayers brought humbly  before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.