LDS Apia Samoa Temple Grounds Back to its Beauty after Severe Flooding


A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who has lived in Pesega all his life says he is proud this morning to see the temple grounds return to its beauty following what he describes as one of the worst flooding he has ever experienced.

Afioga Matavao Sione of Pesega Muamua Ward says he witnessed extensive damage to all the plants around the Apia Samoa Temple as a gush of water flowed through the grounds yesterday morning.

“O le tele o laau sa toto ua mafulifuli uma ma maseisei uma i le malosi o le gata o lea o laau e faamatagofie ai le maota..ia ua leai a ma se laau.”

“All the plants were uprooted by the flooding and there were none here yesterday..”

However this morning the Lotopa resident says he is surprised and proud to see the temple grounds back to normal.

“Pei e leai se mea na tupu”.

He says the contractors assigned to maintaining temple grounds were seen working in the rain to remove damaged plants and had even replanted last night.

Contractors of Manumailagi Landscapers seen working to clear debris and replant during severe flooding, Fri 18 Dec 2020.

“And now, it is as if nothing happened,” the father of 6 says.

“And they have also been back here this morning..making sure the Temple is looking beautiful again”.

Matavao says the Church upholds high standards in all things, including the beautification of its grounds.

Contractors Manumailagi Landscapers were seen clearing debris and replanting the uprooted garden during severe flooding yesterday.

Samoas National Emergency Operation Centre went into full swing yesterday mobilising all front line response teams when severe heavy rainfall off the tail of Tropical Cyclone Yasa caused flash flooding, landslides and road closures yesterday morning.

The rest of Apia including businesses were in cleaning mode this morning.

The Samoa Police, Prisons and Corrections Services were also seen clearing rubbish and tree logs across Apia early this morning.

SPPCS picking up tree trunk debris and rubbish across Apia