Late Night Shopping on Christmas Eve


Retail and Gift Shops in Apia are offering the option for late night shopping tonight for those of us who’ve left it all yo the last minute, or are finishing late from work.

“Having late night hours on Christmas eve will allow people finishing work and attending Christmas Services”, said one shop owner.

The latest store to open tonight  is Big and Small – whose doors will be open until 12am tonight, well, tomorrow morning.

Mercy’s Gift Shop will open til 10:30pm and Season’s Gift Shop is open to 10pm.

Samoa Stationary and Books (SSAB) Megastore and Business Systems Limited (BSL) are both open tonight until 9:00pm.

There are several other stores open late in Apia and if you haven’t done all your shopping, it’s a nice peaceful time to head in now..

Happy shopping Samoa, and Merry Christmas.