Landslide at Fagaloa: Road is Clear but Proceed with Caution

Road access has been cleared but drivers asked to proceed with caution.

The Land Transport Authority confirm that a landslide at Fagaloa has been cleared for safe public access.

Fagaloa landslide before it was cleared. Image: LTA.

“Clearance works are underway. Vehicles can still access but need to drive with caution”, warns the Land Transport Authority.

Landslide at Fagaloa. Image: LTA

The Land Transport Authority published images at 1pm to advise the public that access in Fagaloa has been cleared.

Heavy rainfall over the weekend disrupted public access to roads at low lying fords across the east coast of Upolu.

DMO, FESA and LTA were amongst the first responders who assisted the traveling public stranded when sudden flooding caused by heavy rainfall on Friday afternoon.

Families were assisted to get home before nightfall through flooded road crossings in the Siumu-Safata-Lefaga areas.

Authorities had responded swiftly, working through the weekend to ensure commuters were able to return to work and school this morning without disruptions.