Lakapi Samoa Announces Partnership with Maven International

“It’s with this in mind, that we will use this 100 year opportunity to align all our efforts to bolster Lakapi Samoa capabilities,  amplify the Manu Samoa and Manusina brand, and create sustainable revenue opportunities across all our rugby  programmes


14 December 2023 Apia Samoa. Lakapi Samoa have announced an ambitious and transformative initiative aimed at elevating Samoa’s rugby landscape through a strategic focus on capability building, brand strengthening, and revenue generation.

On the back of our performance at the 2023 Rugby World Cup, alongside the 100 Year celebration next year, the Board has identified the need to not only  improve Lakapi Samoa (on and off the field) capabilities, but to also improve how it serves Samoa through rugby, fostering  economic, social, and community benefits across the nation. 

At the heart of this initiative is recognising the profound contribution of rugby in Samoa since 1924.

Next year recognises 100  years of rugby in Samoa, this includes the contribution of Manu Samoa to the psyche of the Samoan people. It is a timely reminder that we need to be thinking about the next 100 years, and to start making commitments to drive positive change and  promote rugby as a catalyst for national development.

Lakapi Samoa also recognise the need to re-connect with its community. 

“It’s with this in mind, that we will use this 100 year opportunity to align all our efforts to bolster Lakapi Samoa capabilities,  amplify the Manu Samoa and Manusina brand, and create sustainable revenue opportunities across all our rugby  programmes” says CEO Faleomavaega Vincent Fepulea’i.

Key Highlights of the Transformation: 

Capability Building: The organization will seek investment to support the development of its capabilities to nurture talent,  enhance coaching standards, and establish world-class training facilities and explore the possibility of improving Samoa’s  stadium infrastructure.

The initiative aims to ensure that Samoa continues developing local talent in a centre of rugby  excellence, fostering the growth of players and coaches at all levels, and to host international rugby at a high quality  facility. 

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Brand Strengthening: Through strategic brand initiatives, Lakapi Samoa seeks to magnify its brand presence locally and  on the global stage. Emphasizing the rich cultural heritage and passion for rugby in Samoa, we will be building our 2027  RWC campaign journey in 2024 with the aims of bolstering the brand’s identity and resonance with our fans, players and  the community. 

Financial Sustainability: The initiative prioritizes creating a financially sustainable organisation by forging strategic  partnerships, attracting sponsorships, and exploring commercial opportunities. These efforts are intended not only to  ensure the financial stability of the organization but also to drive economic growth and opportunities within Samoa. 

Samoa is the Home of Taula.

Benefits for Samoa: 

This transformative initiative holds the promise of substantial economic, social, and community benefits for Samoa. By  harnessing rugby as a vehicle for development, Lakapi Samoa endeavors to: 

Stimulate economic growth through leveraging and activation of sports-related activities and events. 

Enhance community engagement and well-being through rugby programs at the grassroots level. 

Foster a sense of national pride and identity while promoting Samoa’s unique culture on the global stage.

Aligned Partnerships: 

To achieve these ambitious goals, Lakapi Samoa is committed to collaborating with partners who share the mission to serve  Samoa through rugby locally and on the global stage.

These strategic alliances will play a pivotal role in realizing the vision of a  thriving and impactful rugby ecosystem in Samoa.

One such partnership is the appointment of Maven International as the  Corporate Commercial Partner for Lakapi Samoa. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise not only in the sports arena,  but international development in the Pacific. Their commitment to Samoa is evident in their work over the past few years in  the Pacific region, and through the leadership of their Managing Consultant and Director, Malu Api Malu. A son of Samoa.  

Lakapi Samoa CEO, Faleomavaega Vincent Fepuleai commented that “We have been working closely with Malu from Maven,  and have been impressed with their understanding of our immediate and long term challenges, the breadth and depth of their  expertise and capabilities, and their proposed approach to support Lakapi Samoa as we prepare for 2027.”  

Malu Api Malu, Managing Consultant & Director, Maven International said “We are truly humbled and excited to serve Samoa  through Lakapi Samoa. Manu Samoa is an iconic brand in the world of rugby and has the important role of providing hope for  Samoa every time they take the field. Our prayer is that Maven can be useful as we begin our role as the Corporate Commercial  Partner for Lakapi Samoa” 

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Faleomavaega added that “Lakapi Samoa embarks on this transformational journey with a resolute dedication to empowering  Samoa through rugby. Our 100 Years heralds an exciting chapter in Samoa’s rugby legacy, promising enduring prosperity and  growth for the sport and the nation.”