Laauli Re-Enters Parliament in Landslide Win as a FAST MP


The preliminary results of the Gagaifomauga No3 by-election held today indicates a landslide win for Laaulialemalietoa Leauatea Poltaivao Schmidt, who makes history as the first Member of Parliament for the newly established Faatuatua i Le Atua Samoa ua Tasi (FAST) political party.

The Office of the Electoral Commissioner ran an effective by-election with preliminary results being posted live on their facebook page within an hour and a half of booths closing.

The leader of the FAST party secured 691 votes from the 4 village booths, while his opponent Faaulusau Simi Laulua received only 205.

1. Fagaee: Laauli 227, Faaulusau 8
2. Sasina:  Laauli 278, Faaulusau 11
3. Letui:   Laauli 157, Faaulusau 24
4. Aopo:    Laauli 29, Faaulusau 162
5. Mobile Motootua Hospital / Mapuifagalele – NA
6. Mobile Tuasivi Hospital – NA

Laauli Leuatea Polataivao Schmidt was first elected to the Fono in the March 2006 elections.  He was successful again in 2011 and became the Speaker of the House from 2011-2016.  He returned in 2016 and became the Minister of Agriculture.

Laauli is the son of the late Polataivao Fosi Schmidt affectionately known as “King Pola”. Laauli’s late father was a founding member of HRPP and a Member of Parliament for Gagaifomauga No3 for 35 years from 1964-1999 and served as a Minister of Health, a Minister of Labour, and a Minister of Lands and Environment.

Laauli and his siblings. Standing L-R: late Polataivao Anae Asalemo Schmidt, Salu Tavita Minisitaoeleele Schmidt, Unasa Maria Schmidt-Taala, Gaono Anae Tulafonoumiasaoloto Schmidt
Sitting: Unasa Anae Lio Schmidt & [Dad] Laaulialemalietoa Leuatea Polataivao Fossie Schmidt.
Laauli left the Human Rights Protection Party after tensions arose for his non-conforming approach to party lines on issues he says, are important to his constituency.

Here is a brief timeline of services to the Samoan people and Government under the HRPP;

  • In 2006 he officially became a Member of Parliament for Gagaifomauga No. 3
  • In 2006-2011 – Laauli was the Deputy Speaker of Parliament
  • 2011-2015 – Laauli became the Speaker of Parliament
  • In 2016-2018 – Laauli earned a ministerial post as Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries during this time he also Acting Prime Minister for a period in 2017.
  • Laauli was a member of the Parliamentary Committee for Infrastructure & Development in 2018 and the Parliamentary Committee of Economics & Development Sector in 2019.

Laauli’s new political party have launched a social media campaign and have outlined the FAST Principles as:

The principles of our party are based on our belief in the democratic processes and that those in Government and in Parliament and in the Judiciary are there for no other reason than to serve the people of this country. Therefore our principles that we have based this party on are:

(a) All political authority come from the people of Samoa by democratic means, including regular and free elections;

(b) All assets and resources under the Government control or authority belong to the people of Samoa, and should be managed for the benefit of all, including future generations;

(c) All Samoan citizens are entitled to dignity, self-respect and free practice of their customs and culture;

(d) All Samoan citizens are entitled to the protection of their human rights recognised in the Constitution of Samoa, and

(e) All branches of Government must always act with the understanding that they must be accountable for any actions to the people of Samoa.

Ua talia ma aloaia e le Vaega Faaupufai ia Aga Taualoa nei:

(a) O le Pule e mai tagatanuu uma o Samoa e ala i pulega malo faa temokalasi ma faiga palota saoloto;

(e) O meatotino uma i lalo o le pulega a le Malo o mea totino a tagatanu’u uma o Samoa, ma e ao ona pulea ma faasoa mo le manuia lautele e aofia ai ma tupulaga o le lumana’i;

(i) E ao ona fa’aaloalogia tagatanu’u uma o Samoa, o latou talitonuga faa Kerisiano ma a latou tu ma aganu’u;

(o) E ao ona puipuia tagatanu’u uma o Samoa ma a latou aiā tatau i lalo o le Faavae o le Malo Tutoatasi o Samoa;

(u) O lalā uma o le Malo e ao ona galulue ma le malamalamaaga e tatau ona faamanino a latou gaioiga fai i tagata o Samoa.

Sina Retzlaff