King Faipopo Tells Court he has been Denied Medical Care


Malele Paulo also known as King Faipopo told the Supreme Court that the correctional facilities management at Tuanaimato have denied his request for a medical check up.

King Faipopo appeared before Justice Leiataualesa Daryl Clarke today to set a new bail hearing date when he told the Court that he has been denied access to medical care for over a week now.

He claimed that other prisoners were allowed to go to Motootua National Hospital, but he was not.

He added that he could not eat tinned fish because of his diabetes, claiming that he has not eaten in five days.

“Lau afioga ou te fia alu e vaai le fomai peitai e mumusu le veaga i le falepuipui e ave au, e ave a isi pagota ae le avea lava a’u;

“Ia o le isi itu o au ou te le ai eleni, ona o a’u e ma’i suka.”

When contacted Assistant Commissioner of Prisons and Correctional Facilities Levaopolo Losa Siaosi said the allegations by King Faipopo were untrue.

Levaopolo said she hadn’t received any complaints from King Faipopo, nor has he been denied any medical attention.

The Assistant Commissioner added that the meals served to prisoners are chicken and tinned fish (elegi).

In response Justice Leiataualesa told King Faipopo that medical services were being provided for all prisoners at Tuanaimato..

Justice Clarke said he recalled that this is the second time King Faipopo had raised this issue before the Court.

“The issue with your health, liaise with your counsel and your counsel can raise it with the Court in the proper process”.

Malele Paulo and Samoa First election candidate Lema’i Faioso Sione face charges of conspiracy to murder the Prime Minister of Samoa.

Samoa First election candidate Lema’i Faioso Sione has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.

Both men pleaded not guilty to the charges against them and are requesting a second bail hearing.

The 17th of February has been set for a bail hearing before the Supreme Court.

Maina Vai