Keep Your Focus on Your Spouse’s Strengths and You’ll Draw the Best out of Them


Happy Friday Saints.


Very often, during courtship, a young couple who’ve fallen in love can CLEARLY SEE all the outstanding qualities in their companion. If you were to ask them to list what they admire about one another – they could easily fill a whole page.

But something changes after they get married. The good times are replaced with highly challenging ones, and their list of good qualities diminishes.

Now, instead of easily filling a sheet with their spouse’s good qualities, they compile a list of things that they don’t like. And as their list of good things diminishes, their list of bad things accumulates. And it eventually grows until they can no longer see any good in their spouse at all.

What happened? Did the person they fell in love with change? Not really. What changes for many is what they pay attention to. They stop focusing on what made their spouse unique and special. The good that was there in the beginning didn’t fade away; they just weren’t given any attention.

When we focus on what we don’t like and concentrate on all that is wrong with our spouse, we miss out on the blessing that they truly are.

We draw out of them what we expect from them. When you honour your spouse, they’ll act honourably. When you treat them with respect, they’ll be respectful. When you redirect your attention back to the things that made them so special, your heart towards them will change.

When you recognise the BLESSING that they are, and REJOICE with the spouse OF YOUR YOUTH, you’ll draw the best out of them.

If you are married – keep your focus on your spouse’s strengths; pay attention to what they ARE doing right. Always be aware of what makes your spouse so unique and special.

Like you, they’ll make mistakes, but it’s everything THAT IS GOOD ABOUT THEM that will fill your heart with hope for a better and brighter tomorrow.

It’s not about ignoring their faults and weaknesses – it’s about paying more attention to their strengths.

Have a good weekend Saints. God bless and lots’a love, Warren

Pastor Warren Retzlaff