Keep Striving, Give it Your All and Serve God with Passion this Week



The Greek word translated “zeal” is spoude. It means to strive; to give all; to be enthusiastic; to be earnest in accomplishing something.

Today’s Bible verse tells us to never lack the diligence and the earnest desire to SERVE THE LORD. To do what we can to maintain our SPIRITUAL FERVOR.

The Greek word translated “spiritual fervor” is zeontes. It means to burn; to be hot; boiling hot.

A Christian’s zeal to serve God is compared to water boiling over. The picture is of someone burning hot for God.

We all have times where our spiritual fervor starts to wane and instead of being hot, we become a little cold and a little sluggish.

We don’t lose our zeal overnight. Things don’t go from hot to cold in an instant. Boiling water gradually loses its heat and it takes quite some time to become cold.

Let go of whatever cools your enthusiasm. Strive to stay hot and maintain your ZEAL for God’s will. Serve Him with passion this week.

Titus 2:14 says that we are God’s “OWN SPECIAL PEOPLE, ZEALOUS FOR GOOD WORKS.”

When a Christian is FULL OF ZEAL while they’re serving the Lord, they must keep an eye on their spiritual temperature so to speak.

They must look out for a slight change of heart and attitude. If they are gradually losing their peace, joy and enthusiasm, then they must make an adjustment before they become completely cold, and lose the heart to serve.

How have you been lately? Are you passionate about the things of God? If you had to rate your enthusiasm with 1 being cold, 5 being lukewarm and 10 being hot, what would you give yourself?

Are you cold, warm or hot? It’s all up to you. You can make am adjustment today and get fired up to live for our loving, gracious Abba Father who does not change.

Get fired up and have an awesome day.


Pastor Warren Retzlaff

Pastor Warren Retzlaff is the senior pastor for All Nations Aotearoa Church in Auckland New Zealand.
Pastor Warren Retzlaff