Judge Allows Two Men Charged with Theft as a Servant to Apply for Legal Aid


Mulinuu Courthouse, Apia Samoa; translated from FaaSamoa. Two former employees of Bluebird Lumber and Hardware appeared before the Supreme Court facing charges of theft as a servant for allegedly removing a washing machine, an electric saw and a tool box.

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The two men are charged with removing hardware goods on three separate occasions.

According to Police both men removed a tool box worth $650 tala on 7 September 2023.

On the 14th of October the pair are accused of removing a Panasonic washing machine worth $1,250 tala.

Then again on October 14th the two men allegedly removed an electric saw valued at $1,999 tala.

The pair had initially pleaded guilty to the charges against them, however, they were unrepresented in Court and told Justice Fepuleai Ameperosa Roma they could not afford a lawyer.

Justice Roma directed the Courts to seek legal counsels for the two men under Samoa’s legal aid programme.

Justice Roma then also disregarded the pairs’ guilty plea, stating it was best to wait until the accused were able to deliberate with a lawyer.

The matter will be recalled next week.