Joe’s Gym is the first ZUU Certified Partner Gym in Samoa


17 September 2019 Apia Samoa. As part of efforts to expand its service offering, Joe’s Gym has become the first ZUU Certified Partner Gym in Samoa.

The certification means Joe’s Gym now has direct access to ZUU business building resources and support including branding and marketing.

ZUU is growing around the world and Joe’s Gym owner Magele Johannas Keil says that this expands training options for Samoa’s gym enthusiasts.

“I am pleased to see our country join the global network and excited that our people have direct access to a certified partner facility”.

Certification has also come with an expanded pool of qualified trainers. Last weekend ZUU Master Trainer Dirk Gardner travelled to Samoa for the event and to conduct ZUU certification training.

Samoa now has access to an additional eleven Zuu Bronze Certified Trainers in Albert Wilson, Jeremy Vaepule, John Smith, Clayton Simamao, Masoe Leslie Mua, Wesley Hakai, David Elisara, Dwayne Bentley, Victor Vaauli, Paratiso Foaiaulima and the only woman in the group Tunu Matautia.

Gym instructor Tunu Matautia is now a certified ZUU Bronze Trainer

As part of the course this exclusive group of ZUU certified trainers learned about the history of ZUU, its culture, the origin of the moves and components of a ZUU workout.

Newly certified trainer, Paratiso Foaiaulima says he learnt that ZUU was so much more than physical fitness.

“‘ZUU focuses on community and bringing people together which is a really big part of our Samoan culture and life’.

Dirk Gardner with Bronze Certified Trainer Paratiso “Dice” Foaiaulima

ZUU is perfect for team-building and whilst classes at Joe’s Gym are being planned, private off-site sessions and bookings are also available and may be arranged.

Joe’s Gym was established in 2003 and offers training classes, weight training equipment and a range of high quality supplements from the USA.

Dwayne Bentley of Samoa Airways
Victor Vaauli of the Office of the Ombudsman
Clayton Simamao of UTOS