JICA Scholarship Recipients to Help Advance Samoa’s Socio-Economic Development

Recipientsof JICA Scholarship Awards 2022.: Bhavana Sanele Taavili, Gracia Monalisa Une, Jun Ho Gregory Kim, Gafatasi Su'a.

JICA Scholarship Awards for 2022 have enrolled in unique areas of study that will help advance Samoa’s social and economic development in key areas of education, environment, health and policy formulation.

There are two areas of scolarships. The “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Global Leaders Program, and the Clean Cities Program.

Three women have been granted scholarships under the SDGs Global Leaders Program.

Jun Ho Gregory KIM – Master’s Program, Public Health, St Luke’s International University

Gracia Monalisa UNE – Master’s Program, Life Science Innovation (Biomolecular Engineering), Tsukuba University

Gafatasi SU’A – Bachelor’s Program, International Management, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.

For the auspicious “Creating Leaders for Clean Cities Program” – the first ever recipient of this recently launched initiative, is Ms Bhavana Sanele Taavili. She will be enrolled in the Master’s Program, to research Regional Development Studies at Tokyo University.

The SDGs Program currently provides Bachelors, Masters, & PhD Studies, whereas the Clean Cities exclusively provides Masters Studies.

To date, 15 Samoan nationals have been awarded scholarships under the SDGs program since 2016.

The SDGs Program & Clean Cities Program are specifically designed for leaders of Pacific Island Countries for human resource capacity development. Participants are expected to contribute to the socio-economic development of their country, actively engaging in policy formulation and implementation of social and economic development policies when they complete their studies and return to their country.

Through each program, young leaders are also able to understand Japanese society, learn about common interests and work towards common goals. Each program has an internship component to enrich participant’s academic and personal experience.

SDGs & Clean Cities are part of JICA’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) to countries in Pacific Islands and are implemented under the Knowledge Co-Creation Program (KCCP) long-term training.

JICA acknowledged and thanked the Government of Samoa, through the Public Service Commission (PSC) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) for their continuous support and cooperation to JICA’s KCCP trainings.

“Congratulations to the recipients for this great achievement and milestone!”