Is Your Child 12-17 Years Old? Pfizer Vaccination for Children to be Rolled Out Soon

The Ministry of Health team will soon roll out the Pfizer vaccine program for all children in Samoa between the ages of 12-17 years old. This was confirmed in an announcement issued Wednesday by the Ministry.
“The Pfizer is a World Health Organization approved Covid-19 vaccine, and FDA of the United States certified, it is also currently used in Aotearoa for their mass vaccination campaign”.
The Ministry of Health states that more information will soon be posted to prepare parents as well as schools throughout Samoa.
As at 21 October 2021, Samoa’s vaccination has reached 94.8% for the first dose, while 64.5% of the eligible adult population 18 years and above are fully vaccinated.  According to Ministry records, over ten thousand of our population are overdue for the second dose, and are asked to visit the nearest district hospital or the permanent stations in Apia as well as the Motootua National Hospital.
For more information on the children’s vaccination programme, or if parents have concerns, the Ministry asks that you contact the Public Health free toll line 800-6440.