Information Paper for Travellers on LA Flight



NOVEMBER 19, 2020: Special Health Travel Advice (LA Flight) and Information Paper for Travelers Entering Samoa

As of today Samoa is COVID-19 free and we wish to eliminate any potential risk for COVID-19 to be introduced into Samoa. WE cannot at this stage rule out any exposure you may have had in the last few days and even exposure during the flight to Samoa.

This travel advice and information sheet is to inform you prior to your arrival into Samoa.

The Ministry of Health appreciates your full compliance and patience on arrival as you may experience long delays.
ALL Travelers:
• All are required to complete the Health Declaration Card in Flight.
 All are required to have a COVID-19 test done with a negative result within three days or 72 hours before departure time from LAX Airport USA to Samoa, Only RT-PCR COVID-19 is accepted.
 All are required t0 undergo medical examination by a Registered Medical Practitioner within three days or 72 hours before departure time from LAX Airport USA to Samoa
• You will NOT be allowed to board the plane;
 If you have a positive COVID-19 test or COVID-19 test NOT Done OR
 Medical Clearance Report/Certificate NOT done OR
• You have any of the following symptoms;
 Cough
 Fever
 Sore throat
 Flu-Like Symptoms
• Hard copies of both COVID-19 test result and medical report should be presented at check in and on arrival to airline and health officials. Text messages or verbal communication of COVID-19 results will not be accepted.
• Failure to do so at check in can result in no board or entry denied.
• You will go directly into managed isolation upon arrival into Samoa at a designated location, minimum period of quarantine is 21 days, and you will be informed of any changes.
• You must bring your own personal necessities e.g. soap, tooth brush, tooth paste etc.etc to last for 21 days or more.
• Passengers are advised to check in only one piece luggage (required weight 23kg)
• You are not allowed to bring in any additional packages/parcels for delivery upon arrival into Samoa to family members etc.
• If you have any medical conditions that will require regular medical assistance while in quarantine, you are advised to defer your travel until boarders are fully open.
• You are required to ensure you have sufficient medications to last you three months and note your medical condition on health arrival card.
• You are responsible for the cost of any medications prescribed while in quarantine.
• You are not allowed to bring alcohol or consume any alcohol on quarantine site
Passengers requiring special diets will be responsible for their own dietary needs and must inform the quarantine site staff at site of your dietary needs. You are responsible for costs associated with your dietary needs.
• You must change any foreign currency to Samoan Tala before traveling to Samoa as no banks will be open at the airport on arrival.
• You are required to wear a face mask at all times during the flight and upon arrival.
• All travelers requiring wheelchair assistance and those with special needs must be accompanied by an adult relative in night and during the mandatory quarantine period.
• The cost of accommodation, breakfast and lunch during quarantine will be paid by Government. Dinner will be the passenger’s responsibility.
• The Ministry of Health is not responsible or liable for any lost or misplaced items.

Infants and Children less than 18 years of age;
• All infants and children should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the duration of the quarantine period.
• A written consent is required from parent or legal guardian for any child going into quarantine alone.
• Parents are advised that all children’s immunizations are up to date especially measles vaccines due to the recent outbreak.
• Parents/legal guardian travelling with infants/child must ensure sufficient supplies of basic needs e.g. milk, wipes, diapers, formula etc. for the duration of quarantine.


There are penalties if the conditions of quarantine are breached. This applies to all people in quarantine leaving or Individuals and families going to quarantine sites.

For more information regarding rules of quarantine visit the Ministry of Health website. (

Your compliance with the conditions listed is imperative to ensuring the safety of all who are travelling and our people in Samoa. We endeavour to keep Samoa COVID-19 Free.

We pray for your safe travel to Samoa.

Fa’afetai Tele
Leausa Toleafoa Samau Dr Take Naseri
Director General Public Health, Ministry of Health Samoa