In His presence … be freed from your burdens


From “Everyday in His Presence” by Charles F Stanley.

Today everyone you know is “poor” or lacking in spirit in some way.

They may be brokenhearted over a trial or ruined relationship, captive to negative memories of the past, or dissapointed by unfulfilled dreams. This emotional weight is not only a burden in their everyday lives it is indicative that the enemy has a stronghold.

Whether your heartaches, afflictions, and trials stem from external or internal causes, the pains are real. And unless you deal with them, they will keep on harming you.

Those feelings, thought patterns and past experiences will continue to traumatize you each time you recall them and will ultimately keep you from experiencing the freedom that Christ Jesus offers.

Friend, do not be ashamed. All of us struggle. But you must turn your burdens over to Christ and allow him to liberate you.

He will teach you a different way to live. So do not be afraid or discouraged. Rather, trust Him and find rest for your soul.

Jesus I am broken and poor in many ways. Through your spirit liberate me from my emotional baggage so I may be truly free, amen. 

In His presence . . . be freed from your burdens.