In His Hands You Are Destined to Become Masterpiece

Image: World Challenge

Happy Tuesday Saints.

In Jeremiah 18:6 the Lord said, “AS THE CLAY IS IN THE POTTER’S HAND, SO ARE YOU IN MY HAND.”

No matter how skilful a potter is, if they don’t have clay, they have nothing to shape and mould. And clay without a potter cannot be fashioned into anything. The two need each other in order for a masterpiece to be created.

You are the Lord’s work of art. In His hands, you are destined to become a masterpiece.

But before a masterpiece can be created, the potter needs clay that is moist and shapable. If the clay is too hard it can’t be moulded.

The Lord needs us to be humble, teachable and ready, in order to shape our lives. If our hearts are hardened and our minds are closed off, God can’t work with us.

If you humble yourself before the Lord and let His loving hands shape you, your life will be full of endless possibilities.

The same God who created the universe wants to work with you and He wants to help shape your character and mould you into a vessel of honour. But He needs your cooperation and if you are willing, He will lovingly prune off the things that are holding you back from reaching your full potential and He will fortify your strengths so that you can achieve even more.

Have an awesome day. God bless and lots’a love,

Image: World Challenge