If You Are Yoked with Jesus, You won’t be Stressed


Happy Wednesday Saints.


The world around us is always in a hurry. Things are moving at such a hasty pace that you feel inadequate and unproductive if you slow down or stop long enough to “BE STILL.”

Slowing down feels wrong. Setting some time aside to be alone, pressing pause on work, stopping long enough to contemplate your next move, praying in your prayer closet, meditating on Scriptures, or finding a secluded place to reflect and declutter your mind – all seem an inappropriate use of one’s time.

The world around us wants you to feel guilty for taking a break. If rushing from one crisis to the next and from one meeting to another, seem NORMAL; if stressing while you’re driving, worrying while you’re doing, and being anxious while you’re working, seem NORMAL; then you’re following the PATTERN OF THIS WORLD.

God doesn’t want you to be anxious about anything. Instead of anxiety, He invites you to “PRAY.” And that takes TIME. He invites you to step out of the rat race, be alone with Him, and start doing things at a godly pace.

Luke 5:16 says that “JESUS OFTEN WITHDREW TO LONELY PLACES AND PRAYED.” If there was ever a man on a mission, it was Jesus. And yet we don’t see Him RUSHING anywhere. He didn’t try to hold seven meetings in one day, be in three different places at one time, or sprint to get to his next appointment. And even when He took some transportation, He didn’t ride a racehorse; he chose a donkey.

If you’re yoked with Jesus, you won’t be stressed. Slowing down isn’t wrong; it is a necessary part of being human – just like Jesus in the Gospels.

Have a great day WITH JESUS. God bless and lots’a love,