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I Miss You Mom – Happy Birthday in Heaven

I Miss You Mom – Happy Birthday in Heaven

I miss you Mum.

I miss you on every birthday, every Christmas, every Mother’s Day, White Sunday, Easter.

I miss you when I see my friends and cousins with their mothers.

Rosie D Fruean Mulipola, “humble, gentle and low key mischievous in a good way” Happy birthday in heaven.

I missed you when I had Rosie and I didn’t have you here to show me how to bathe, change or feed a baby.

I miss you when I answer the phone and it’s not you.

I miss you when I see a pair of size 7 high heels or a packet of sunflower seeds from Pago, or peanut slabs.

I miss you when I watch Sound of Music and Sister Act.

I miss you when I see a nice romance book and I remember how you so loved your books.

I miss you every time I hear an ABBA song.

I miss you when I see one of your friends from DBS and I see how old they are getting…then I wonder if you would have looked like them if you were here.

I missed you when I graduated and you weren’t there with your one ula lole to hug and quietly congratulate me. Because you were humble like that.

I miss you at every performance, every competition. My eyes look for you at every event because you were my biggest supporter. Always there, proudly watching and willing me on.

I missed you when I got married and on my wedding day, I only had my best friend to help me get ready.

I miss you every time I have a problem that I can’t share with anyone.

Because of you, I am terrified of cancer. Every time I hear the word, I think, death.

Because of you, I make sure I tell people how much I care for them.

Because of you, I appreciate every moment I am allowed to spend with loved ones.

Because of you, I love too much and too hard. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

In losing you, I learned very early on that life is the most precious gift, now is the only time we have and never take for granted we will get a tomorrow.

I hope you have the most amazing Birthday party up there with a warm loaf of bread, a cold kuaka paka and a little bottle of coke.

You may be gone from here…but you will never, ever be gone from my heart.


Marlene Kathleen Mulipola Marlene Mulipola is the Manager for New Extension at Samoa Stationery and Books. Educated at St Mary's College and the National University of Samoa, Lene writes as a hobby.


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