How to Help Paediatric Ward Patients Cope with the Measles Crisis

We must not fail our children.

In the midst of the measles outbreak that has claimed 8 lives to date and placing our young children and babies in danger, a woman is calling for public collaboration towards effective ways to assist.

Shannon Clara Ah Kuoi has contacted a friend who works at the Motootua hospital to ask where help could be most practically offered.

She was told by a health care provider the paediatric ward is struggling to cope. With both measles and non-measles cases there is the added pressure to ensure the safety of children presenting for non-measle cases.

Clara has been told by a healthcare provider at Motootua that some of the needs of those at the paediatric ward are:
– food
– diapers
– flannels
– blankets

She is offering to coordinate this relief effort which could possibly extend to the district hospitals.

You can drop off your donation to Myna’s Supermarket at Vaoala. Or call Clara on 771 1316 or email her on:

Adam cuddles his little brother Lologa in happier times before Lologa was taken by the measles.

Clara’s Message:


Last night I watched a video that was just heart wrenching, peeking into the suffering of those families whose loved ones are taken away. I’ve seen the statistics on papers and the news on TV about the measles when you see numbers you don’t feel the raw truth of seeing the bodies of these loved little angels taken away and the suffering of their grieving families.
My heart was heavy and aching, and I felt God put into my heart to do something to help. I immediately contacted a friend who is at the hospital about what I can do to help. This person mentioned how overwhelmed the paediatric ward is catering to measles and non-measle cases ensuring those not affected remain so. Some of the needs they mentioned are
– food
I humbly ask that if God has laid it upon your heart to help donate please feel free to do so my goal is to collect as much as I can and deliver them to the paediatric ward on Monday. You can contact me on my mobile 771 1316 or email me on or drop off to Mynas at Vaoala