How the Special Measure for Women’s Seats May or May Not be Applied after By-Elections

Aliimalemanu Alofa and Toomata Norah.

There are only two women running in the up-coming general elections.

FAST candidate Lolomatauama Eseta running for Aana Alofi 2, and HRPP candidate Faagasealii Sapoa Feagiai running for Aleipata-Itupa-i-Lalo.

There are currently 4 women in Parliament – three FAST and one HRPP. The minimum number as set down in Article 44 of Samoa’s constitution handed down by the Court of Appeal after much controversy, is 6.

The only 2 women candidates

The Scenarios

Should both candidates, Faagasealii Sapoa Feagiai of HRPP and Lolomatauama Eseta Faalata Mataituli of FAST win at the polls, then the temporary special measure does not need to be applied at all.

If one woman candidate is successful, then the special measure is applied to one seat.

If both women candidates are unsuccessful, then the special measure is applied to two seats.

How Do We Apply It IF Needed?

The seat is given to the woman who has the highest percentage of votes, not the highest number of votes.

Aliimalemanu Alofa and Toomata Norah.

Should there be a need to apply the special measure, here are the numbers for the by-election women to beat:

Aliimalemanu Moti Momoemausu Alofa Tuuau won 464 votes out of 1159 total votes casted. Her total percentage is 40.03%.

Toomata Norah Leota won 780 votes out of 2,200 total votes casted for Anoamaa 2. Her total percentage is 35.45%.

In the event that Lolomatauama or Faagasealii do not secure wins this coming Friday – then the percentages above are numbers to be well noted!

When Are the Seats Declared?

With the upcoming by-elections, these are the very scenarios alluded to in the Court of Appeal decision – that we must all wait until the results of by-elections, in order to know for certain what the top woman candidate percentages are.

The question perhaps not yet clear is… can the announcement be made after results are published, or is there a further wait.. in the event of election petitions following by-elections?

It would seem that if the same principle is applied, then there would be a need to once again, wait.

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God Bless our woman candidates.