“How can we file a police complaint when they stood here while it happened?”


Translated from FaaSamoa. The mother of a man from Leauvaa who was beaten by men from Afega in the presence of police officers last Friday, says they will not be pressing charges.

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“How can we file a complaint at the Police Station, when my son’s blood spilled and my house was damaged while the police were right here when it all happened? just standing there doing nothing?”

Limaila Simone, mother of 4, expressed her hopelessness as she described the events that led to the attack on her family and her home.

“Men from Afega were clearing the land across the street when a mango tree fell on a house. There were children inside, and  man yelled out to them.”

A tree that fell onto this house, triggering an emotional response from one of the Leauvaa men nearby.

Limaila says their home and family became involved when the Afega men started to chase him down and the man ran across the street towards their house.

The men from Afega, unable to catch him,  came across her son, 27 year old Maranata Simone, and attacked him instead.

Limaila was inside her home, with her 3 and 5 year-old grandchildren, when she heard rocks being thrown at her house.

She came out to see what was going on, and was shocked to find her son, Maranata, with blood running down his head and face. Her surprise quickly turned to worry when she saw her daughter-in-law trying to protect Maranata, while carrying her one-month old baby.

“I called out to the Police, How can you just stand there and watch and not do anything?”..

“You came to keep the peace, but this is happening and you’re not doing anything!”..

“Or did you just come to protect Afega and allow them to commit assault..?”

Limaila Simone said the only response from police was, “Our job has become difficult.'” (Ua faigata le matou galuega.)

“They didn’t stop the assault, but they could have taken my son to the hospital.”

Maranata Simone outside his home that was stoned.

According to Maranata’s older brother, one of the police officers gave him $25 tala to help take his brother to the hospital.

“Even though it is painful to see them do these things to us, especially when my family were not involved.. we forgive them.

“We will not file any complaints. We will put it before God. He is a Just Judge.”

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