Home in Asau an Embodiment of Hope Faith and Resilience

Home of Fautua Misi and Maria Tufuga in Asau Savaii

Samoa Global News contributor Elizabeth Ah Hi spent Christmas in Savaii covering the lights competition in the Itu Asau district where dozens of families participated in the spirit of “lighting up the world” in line with Samoa’s festival of lights.

This Photo of the Day is one of her favorites:

“For me, this was a symbol that everything is going to be okay…it was an embodiment of hope and faith and a testament of our people’s resilience”.

“No matter how humble your dwellings are, this family had pride in their home and still wanted to participate in the district lights initiative”.

It is the home of Fautua Misi and Maria Tufuga and her children.

Maria Tufuga and her children infront of their home, Asau.

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Other entrants included: