Home Athletes Winning Medals is Key to Public Support During Games


02 March 2019, Apia Samoa. Chief Executive Officer of the Pacific Games Council, Andrew Minogue is hoping Samoan athletes are ready and prepared to win gold medals during the event this July.

Mr. Minogue was asked at a press conference held yesterday if he had any concerns over the preparations of Samoa towards the upcoming Pacific Games now just over 120 days away.

He said it was neither an issue nor a worry but his biggest hope for Samoa as the host country, is the preparation of athletes.

“I hope your own athletes are prepared to win gold metals here at the games,” he said.

“My President and I when we travel to a country that’s hosting the games our key message to the Government and to the Olympic committee as well as the organising committee is to make sure that their home athletes are well prepared.”

He added this will have the best chance of not only winning gold medals and getting as high up on the medal tally as we can, but this will generate public support throughout the fourteen days of the games and ensure spectators keep coming back to venues day after day, to support athletes.

Minogue said that his main anxiety is for the local athletes to find places to train while the venues are being renovated.

“One of the big concerns we have here is the venues which are going to be fantastic for the games, but at the moment are being refurbished,” he said.

“This means Team Samoa and the local athletes will have to find alternative places to train and prepare.”

Many Samoan athletes have travelled across to China as part of their training preparations for the games and Minogue says that is good because competing nations are all preparing well in very good facilities.

“My fingers are crossed that the local athletes have got their own facilities that they need over the next few months, because these guys here their athletes are all preparing back home and many of these countries have very good facilities.”

He said good facilities provides the best possible environment for athletes’ preparation and those nations who had hosted in the recent past will benefit.

“PNG hosted the last games so they got terrific facilities in Port Moresby, New Caledonia hosted the games three times so their athletes are going to be ready.

“So there’s the challenge for Samoa, but from the venue’s side and the organisation of the games, Samoa is on track.”

“Whatever challenges are out there and they will always be out there in any hosting environment..this team will be able to meet those challenges.”